Sanlam Diversified
Income Fund of Funds

A tax efficient short duration income fund of funds for a suitable investor’s discretionary cash.

Fund Overview

Since its inception in March 2009, the Sanlam Diversified Income Fund of Funds (SDIFOF) has served as a tax-efficient short-duration income fund of funds, providing investors with returns predominantly in the form of dividends and capital growth.

The fund is conservative, highly diversified and, through a tried and tested risk allocation strategy, has not experienced a negative total return month since inception.

Target Total Return Composition

0 %
dividends and capital growth
0 %

Suitable Investors

Suitable investors include high net worth individuals, trusts and companies with a short-term investment horizon, looking for liquidity and more tax-efficient returns than those offered by money market and enhanced cash funds.

Launch Date

March 2009

Risk Profile

Time Horizon

6+ Month


Exceed After-tax return on the SIM Money Market Fund