TBI Strategic Partners

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TBI Strategic Partners

As a subsidiary of the TBI Group, TBI Strategic Partners manages the private equity portfolio. Its mandate has been to invest in the small and mid-market investment space, unconstrained by any particular market or sector. It invests in listed or unlisted companies considered to be strategic in nature and in funded B-BBEE solutions.

TBI Strategic Partners has a proven track record of superior investment returns, where a key driver of success has been assisting investee companies to unlock their long-term growth potential in a sustainable way.

Key drivers of success include:

  • Investing in good quality, cash-generative businesses
  • Evidence of an identifiable competitive advantage with strong growth potential,
  • Investing at an attractive price.

In early 2020, this mandate was amended to invest in good quality alternative investments that offer strong growth potential or cash flows, at an attractive price.

TBI Investment Managers will then aim to use this anchor investor commitment to secure the management contract and attract third party investments into the same alternative investment opportunity.

Registration No: 1995/010118/07