Section 12J Investments

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Section 12J Investments: Section 12J, a fully tax deductible share investments

Section 12J Investments

Ora Capital (Ora Capital Limited) is a Section 12J registered company that offers investors a fully tax-deductible share investment. The pooled portfolio consists of operating-rental businesses, providing investors with stable dividend returns and capital preservation, with a liquidity profile that facilitates an efficient exit at the end of the investment term.

Ora Capital targets a net after-tax return of CPI+15% per annum over a rolling five-year period, and pays out quarterly dividends to its investors. Ora Capital’s management team has a track record in private equity, tax and investment structuring.

Ora Capital is a licensed financial services provider (FSP No. 46653) and approved Venture Capital Company (VCC-0032).

Suitable investors
High net worth individuals, trusts and companies, with an investment horizon of five to seven years, looking for a Section 12J that offers attractive risk-adjusted returns and quarterly dividends.

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