trusteeboard investments


Established in 1992, TBI is a South African alternative investment and fund management group holding company, with a history of superior returns. The business consists of a number of direct investments in fund management and related associates (Awande Investment Managers and TBI Investment Managers), and two core investment portfolios which invest in:

  • Strategic investments, held through TBI Strategic Partners
  • Property investments, held through its subsidiary TBI Properties.

The investment objective is to create sustainable growth in shareholder value, using its long-term capital to make investments with a long-term view.

The group generates its returns not only from its investments, but also from asset management fees on third party managed investment portfolios and other transactional income. At 30 June 2020, the group had total investable assets of R326 million, a net asset value of R283 million and through ownership of TBI Investment Managers, investment assets under management exceeding R7.8 billion.

Registration No: 1993/005253/07