Powerful new team in alternative rentals

TBI Rentals

Powerful new team in alternative rentals

TBI’s investment in TBI Rentals has created a dynamic niche player in the rental origination market.

“The strength of TBI Rentals has always been its exceptional technical and design skills underpinned by a strong sales-driven approach to business. What TBI brings to this excellent team is our experience in the rentals sector along with our background in finance, providing access to funding,” says Ian Groenewald, CEO of TBI Group.

TBI Rentals specialises in end-to-end infrastructural rental solutions. The team takes care of design, planning, sourcing, installation, maintenance and upgrades for non-core items. As a niche player, TBI Rentals does not operate in typical areas such as printers or copier rentals but, in certain niche sectors such as entertainment infrastructure, solar energy solutions and security systems. Their clients currently include companies in the entertainment sector, companies requiring a full solar solution and security solutions for office premises, residential security estates, office parks, hospitality and shopping malls.

TBI Rentals CEO Riaan Stander says:
“The relationship with TBI makes sense at many levels. There are also some promising cross-sell opportunities. For example, TBI Investments’ interest in water desalinisation solution presents additional potential options for rental solutions. Similarly, many of our clients can benefit from TBI’s extensive experience in finance and investment.”