Structured Investments

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Structured Investments

A unique structuring service to the wealth manager. We focus on creating solutions in conjunction with the wealth manager, which are focused on the client’s needs, allowing the product to be used as a tool to compliment the client’s asset portfolio and help manage his risk profile efficiently. Our investment philosophy is based on a fundamental understanding of global markets across asset classes. Through this approach we design a bespoke solution tailored to the client’s specific requirements in terms of underlying assets, wrapping, gearing and currency exposure. We also offer unique structured investment solutions to institutional investors.


Fully capital protected investment at maturity

after five years

Exposure to diversified basket
of global equities

S&P 500, FTSE 100
and Euro Stoxx 50

Minimum 63% return after
five years

if the equity basket return is greater than zero at maturity.

The challenge faced by many financial advisors is to preserve capital and provide for the future income needs of their retired clients. The performance of the markets over the last few years has increased the pressure to deliver on these fundamental requirements.

So what can you do to manage this need for preservation and the growth needed for future needs?

Together with our partners, Glacier and Sanlam Structured Solutions, TBI has launched a five year capital protected product specifically designed for inclusion in living annuities, complementing investments currently in the client’s living annuity portfolio.

This enables the financial advisor to allocate a portion of the client’s living annuity to a product which:

  • Offers exposure to global equities;
  • Has no additional currency risk;
  • Is fully capital protected; and
  • Has an attractive return profile.